Jinx and Garadrobe’s Christmas Special

A Jinx and Garadrobe Christmas comic not not based on real life events.

jgCCp1 jgCCp2 jgCCp3 jgCCp4 jgCCp5 jgCCp6 jgCCp7 jgCCp8 jgCCp9 jgCCp10 jgCCp11 jgCCp12 jgCCp13 jgCCp14

Jinx and Garadrobe’s Magic Show comic

This here is a comic starring my characters Jinx and Garadrobe made in November 2016. The two try to put on a magic show but aren’t very successful.

JGMagic_page1 JGMagic_page2 JGMagic_page3 JGMagic_page4 JGMagic_page5 JGMagic_page6 JGMagic_page7 JGMagic_page8


Miss Vicious

This is a storyboard for a short idea involving my character Paula and her conscience getting in the way of her job as a super villain.

MissVicious_1 MissVicious_2 MissVicious_3 MissVicious_4 MissVicious_5 MissVicious_6 MissVicious_7 MissVicious_8 MissVicious_9 MissVicious_10 MissVicious_11 MissVicious_12 MissVicious_13 MissVicious_14 MissVicious_15 MissVicious_16 MissVicious_17 MissVicious_18

DEBUG Storyboard

A storyboard for a short film idea involving insect characters, robots, and magic powers.

DB_Page1 DB_Page2 DB_Page3 DB_Page4 DB_Page5 DB_Page6 DB_Page7 DB_Page8 DB_Page9 DB_Page10 DB_Page11 DB_Page12 DB_Page13 DB_Page14 DB_Page15 DB_Page16 DB_Page17 DB_Page18 DB_Page19

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