New Project Lip Sync test

An lip sync animation test for Clive Claws, a new character in a project I plan to start in the beginning of next year. The sound is from Bob’s Burgers

Sir Centipede

A concert by a very different musician. The song is “Carnival of the Animals: Fossils” by Camille Saint-Saens.

Survival of the Fetish

One of my favorites. A couple tries to spark up their marriage through bizarre fetishes. Originally created for a holiday-themed animation contest (it lost), it went on to be one of my more popular cartoons, even being shown at the Tromadance film festival.

Pet Dinosaur

A music video for the kid-friendly band, Einstein’s Monkey for their song, “Pet Dinosaur”.

The Witch is Dead (animatic)

An animatic version of the “Witch is Dead” music video. Not much changed between the storyboards and final video except the clownfish’s death scene, and a shot here and there. Those were changed after the fact.

The Witch is Dead

This is a music video commissioned to me by a gal named Celeste Starchild ( a DC-based musician with a beautiful voice and a fondness for dark humor. Her song “The Witch is Dead” being a prime example of such. Dark humor being right up my alley, it seemed like a perfect match. After months of sending ideas, rough animation, and character designs between each other, we finally made a complete video.

A Doodle in Need

An animation/live action short made in collaboration with VCU’s HD video department. They wanted something that could utilize both, and this is the result. It’s also one of the few shorts where I don’t do the voice for one of the characters. Well, except that scream at the end. Apparently I was the only one who could pull that off. Go figure.

Scarecrow Dance

A bit of experimentation with this one. Mainly ditching Flash and trying to use a ball point pen. I think it came out ok.

I’ll Have Mine with a Twist!

An animation hobbled together one afternoon. Thought it was pretty funny. See how many references to M. Night Shyamalan there are!

Zombie Cowboys

My first music video! This was a commission by the band Reverend D-Ray and the Shockers for their song “Zombie Cowboys”.

Slkjalk Ajhls

An animation for school. The project was to take something out that we used often. I chose understandable dialogue. See if you can tell whats going on in the story despite the fact the characters are speaking gibberish.

Black vs. White

Another animation set to music. Still kind of abstract, but with a bit more of a story involved. the music this time is “Dueling Banjos” performed by Hayseed Dixie.

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